Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Stones Exile in France

Ethan Russell has been photographing musicians since the late 1960's.  He followed the Stones for a few years and these photos, along with photos by Dominque Tarle are part of a new exhibit ("Soul Survivors" at La Galerie de L'Instant in Paris) and are included in the documentary film, Stones in Exile, which is available on DVD.  Ethan speaks very eloquently about The Rolling Stones in his Huffington Post piece.   I met Ethan at a Rosanne Cash photo shoot many years ago.

To quote him,  To this day -- especially this day -- I get irritated with photographs that scream (the photographer's head peaking out from behind) "Look At Me! Look at Me!" The value I believe that both Dominque and I were lucky enough to deliver is the experience of letting the viewer be there. 

His photos let the viewer feel like they are peering through a hole in the wall.  Ethan, much like Rosanne Cash is an artist who writes very poetically.  You want to read more. He's let you in on his secret. 

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