Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Karma from a Bad Bad World

Bad Bad World from Guster on Vimeo.

Guster engages their audience and therefore, they have a very loyal fan base.  The band recently asked fans to submit a video (in their quest to create 12 videos from 12 directors for the 12 songs on their album Easy Wonderful -they just accomplished that goal.) for the song Bad Bad World.  Guster crowned director Nora McCormack at Soft Shell Productions, the winner.  She randomly gave pedestrians in Portland, ME $10 and asked them to find a way to change a stranger's life with that money.  The resulting video renews your faith in humankind. As the band said "Nora, you made us weep, and you made us want to be better people."

These times are strange
I can feel it in the night
I'm standing in the dark
Holding up for the light
And here I'll remain
Til the great sun shines
Standing in the dark
Waiting up for the light 

Watch the video, listen to the song.  It will put you in a good mood.  

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