Friday, November 05, 2010

What To Do With EMI?

Andrew Dubber has an interesting take on what to do with EMI's assets on his site Deleting Music.  He is suggesting the British government buy the assets from Citigroup at a fire sale price and nationalize the archives.  He argues that in the hands of the wrong people, the archives could be partially destroyed or lost.  He has a point. How many pieces of film or tape have been lost through corporate buyouts, mishandling or just plain negligence.  There is a trove of our past in those EMI archives.  I would love to be the one working on an archival project like that.  There is always the thought:  How much more stuff can they find that hasn't already been released?  I think we'd all be surprised what would be unearthed if someone had the respect for the music and the insight to archive and digitize the catalog.   I love the Beach Boys and I'd be happy to hear or see something I've never experienced. Let's hope it gets in the right hands.

Yesterday Citigroup won a legal dispute in New York against Terra Firma Capital Partners Ltd. over the U.K. firm’s 2007 acquisition of music company EMI Group. Read more at the WSJ.

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