Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TuneCore Shocker

Jeff Price the founder, CEO, mouthpiece and champion of TuneCore is inexplicably gone from the company.

This comes as quite a shock.  I knew Jeff when he ran the spinART record label.  Strangely he is still listed as CEO on the TuneCore website.  Co-founder Peter Wells  is also no longer working with them.

Jeff explains their mission and accomplishments in his open letter dated today.  Jeff was outspoken about injustices he saw in the music business, especially those against the artists by record labels.  Most of the time he was right on the money.  His goal was enabling musicians by putting the power in their hands.  They no longer needed records label and as of recently, publishing companies.  When I worked with Amoeba Records there was no question that we were going to work with TuneCore. It just made too much sense. Jeff was exited to have us on board. 

TechDirt has a detailed post, although it hasn't been revealed why Jeff and Peter are abruptly gone from the company.  This seems like a huge mistake.  Why fix it if it ain't broke? 

Update 8-17-12. 
Here's something I hadn't heard.  Since I posted this, I've spoken with a few people who worked directly with TuneCore.  They said the company was unorganized and had an inexperienced staff who could be difficult at times.  I also heard that one board member was pleasant and easy to deal with when nothing was getting done through staffers.  The old adage may hold here:  There are two sides to every story and then the truth.

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