Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why is Mad Men's Joan Always Wearing Roses ?

 I didn't even realize Joan had roses on everything she wore when it related to her marriage or the crumbling of it.  If Peggy is wearing yellow, it will be a good work day for her.  Red is the power color for the females and the not so powerful for the men.

I am so late to this blog, but am fascinated by it. is the amazingly researched blog.  According to Tom and Lorenzo, We’re essentially a pop culture blog with a special focus on celebrity and fashion.  I have only paid attention to the TV portion of the blog (there's lots more). I do not watch a lot of the shows they cover, but for Mad Men alone it's worth a look.  I will watch that show in a whole new light from now on.  I might have to revisit on OnDemand. 

I do watch Revenge and their comments on the season finale are priceless.

On Victoria:
You can’t keep a good bitch in a bandage dress down.

On Emily:
Oh, Hamptons Batman! What the hell were you thinking? 

On Nolan:
Thank goodness Hamptons Batman has her saddle-shoed Robin to watch her back.

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