Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Is There No End Mike Love's Stupidity?

Mike Love issued a press release saying that after this week the Beach Boys will no longer have Brian Wilson, Al Jardine or David Marks in the touring lineup.  Brian Wilson was perplexed.  He has endured more than enough of Mike Love's insanity, so I'm not sure why this was any different. 

Mike Love cited financial reasons.  You mean you didn't get all the money from the 50th reunion tour Mike?  Is there no end to the Mike Love Horror Show?  It seems his trusty sidekick Bruce Johnston is as bad as Mike.  Love sued to get use of the Beach Boys name. I think Brian was so sick of him at one point that he agreed to it.  Brian Wilson tours under his own name and sells tickets.  Mike Love without the name The Beach Boys means no tickets. 

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  1. Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys might want to tour with Brian WIlson from San Francisco Giants, who is a dog lover and I have heard
    quite a funster. Brian Wilson, would strike out Mike Love.