Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Rabbits Rule

I've been obsessing over two songs and strangely enough they both make reference to rabbits.

The Fylls' Rabbit Hunting blatantly uses the word in the title.  The Avett Brothers have a line in Live and Die "Run like a rabbit /out and away."  The songs make nice bookends.

Artists like Chad and Jeremy and Crowded House use vocals which at the same time can be heard as both fresh/happy and a little melancholy. Listen to  Summer Song and Weather With You.

New York City's The Fylls  evoke the same on Rabbit Hunting.  The song begins with a lovely interplay of guitar.  The vocals kick in and they are charming, soothing and yes a bit melancholy.  A strong melody carries the song which at first listen is catchy in the sense of a great pop song, but there is something behind it.  Has the rabbit been hunted?  This song is haunting and you may find yourself listening to it over and over again.  It's a hidden gem. 

The first time I heard Live And Die, I did a double take (can you do that with your ears?).  Am I listening to new Guster? No.  The Avett Brothers borrow a page from the band on this song whether intentional or not.  I love it.  How can you resist these lyrics?

You and I, we're the same.
Live and die, we're the same.
You rejoice, I complain,
but you and I, we're the same.

The banjo seems to be the instrument of choice lately.  It's prominent here.  Melissa Etheridge was playing one on Good Morning America today.  It can make the most dire song happy.  Live And Die is about compatibility.  It's not dire.  The band discussed the song with Rolling Stone.

Live and Die can be streamed on the band's homepage (as well as on RollingStone.com).  I'm not sure how long the link will be present.  Their new album The Carpenter goes on sale a week from today.

It's raining in New York today.  It's the perfect setting for a round of Rabbit Hunting and Live And Die.  


  1. According to Wikapedia, Bugs Bunny was born
    at Emmets Field. And there was a Bugs Bunny
    Brodaway production written by Cal Dalton.

  2. CORRECTION: Bugs Bunny was born at Ebbets
    Field, and Cal Dalton worked for Warner Bros.
    a.k.a 'Bunny Pictures' on numerous Bugs Bunny projects.
    The Other Dalton