Friday, September 14, 2012

Ray Davies' Waterlily Sunset?

Apparently I wasn't the only one who did a double take at the Monet's Garden exhibit at the New York Botanical Gardens.  The exhibit is lovely.  It's a tribute to the painter/master gardener's home and gardens at Giverny. 

The waterlilies in the outdoor ponds are stunning. There are magnificent colors and patterns that I'm sure some textile designer is copying right now for their next collection.  I came upon this waterlily labeled 'Ray Davies'.   I know Ray played at the Olympics closing ceremony because I read about it.  He performed Waterloo Sunset.  I didn't get to see it because NBC didn't bother to broadcast it.  My first thought was "Besides being a master songwriter and musician, is he also a botanist?  Are they naming plants after him?  Did he discover the species?" I know there are famous named roses (Cary Grant, Barbra Streisand, Mozart, Julie Andrews, etc), but I wasn't up on my waterlilies.

Turns out there was another Ray Davies, who according to the NYBG website took over the nursery once owned by Latour-Marliac who inspired Monet to build a waterlily pond.  Monet ordered waterlilies from him after seeing his exhibit at the Paris World's Fair.  Another Brit, this Davies is known as the waterlily guru and is famous for his Stapeley Water Gardens. This waterlily is named for him.

The exhibit runs through October 21st.  Make the trip to the Bronx.   Now there are clips posted of Ray Davies at the Olympics.

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  1. Good photo of the Waterlily Garden.
    I was always curious where Monet's
    Waterlily was painted, as the waterliliy
    is usually in semi-warm warter.
    France, Monet's place of birth is not known
    for warm warter. Perhaps he was in Provence
    when he brushed his famous canvas.