Wednesday, February 25, 2009

iTunes Pass

Depeche Mode fans can buy an iTunes Pass to get access to everything the band releases on iTunes between now and June 16 (can't find the significance of that date). Sounds of the Universe is their next full length record. Songs are DRM free. Items are delivered as soon as they are made available. There is no mention of what other bits the pass gives takers, beside the initial single, album and a remix. It sounds like an inching closer to a subscription based idea that the major labels are resisting. I'm not sure that success can be measured by using Depeche Mode to launch such a promotion. When I did travel coordination for the band in the 80's, the height of their popularity, they didn't sell a truck load of records, which leads me to think iTunes Pass might not bring in a lot of takers. I do know that this band sold more merchandise that many of the bigger acts in the 80's. They also put on an amazing live show.

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