Thursday, July 09, 2009

I Cancelled My Sirius Subscription

After months of contemplating canceling Sirius, I finally did it.
Reasons for doing so:
  • Reception has not improved since I've had the service, which was close to 4 years. In a one hour time frame, I would have a minimum of 3 reception interruptions.
  • My two favorite channels: Disorder and Jazz were axed. They kept the XM jazz channel which leans middle of the road jazz.
  • I was solely listening to Howard Stern and he's into the second week of his vacation. I will miss Howard, but for the 3 hours a week I got to listen, it wasn't worth it. At least they got over focusing non-stop on Artie's addiction problem.

Sirius raised their rates this month and took away Internet access. There is an additional fee for that service now. I've read that people who tried to cancel had their subscription had it extended for a few month gratis. I was not offered that, but was asked why I was canceling.

It was a great idea when it launched, but like most things music industry, it lost its focus or became too focused, rendering it useless.

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