Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Is Warner Bros Records Thinking?

In an effort to either plug a hole in a sinking ship or just sink the ship and put it out of it's misery, Warner Bros Records has given gossip man, Perez Hilton his own label. To qualify his qualifications for running a label, Perez states in EW, "I have an ear, which is really important in the music world -- to be able to hear a hit and to be able to know who has a good song or not… I'm more than just an A&R person. I'm also a marketing person. I'm also a manager."

Maybe he does have his finger on the pulse, but my first impression is this demeans all those talented music industry people who are out of work or changed careers because they couldn't do the job they were suppose to do. So many of them have an "ear". I know these people didn't have a website with thousands of hits a day to promote an artist, but that is not what it takes to have a hit. If it was, Paris Hilton would be a huge recording star.

Another head scratching move coming out of music land.

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