Friday, July 10, 2009

Sheryl Crow is Ubiquitous

She does a lot of charity work. I'm starting with that. Why is Sheryl Crow ubiquitous? She is at everything. Today I got an email from announcing the All Star Charity Concert. Before I clicked on the link to see who was performing, I said to myself I bet it's Sheryl Crow. The recipient of the concert is Stand Up To Cancer. Sheryl is a cancer survivor, so this makes sense. Sheryl sang on an airplane to launch a new airline. She's performed at the 4th of the July Fireworks show on NBC. She appeared in a Revlon ad. The list goes on. I've heard it said that Sheryl Crow will go to the opening of an envelope. I think she's a great songwriter but it might overshadowed by her omnipresence.

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