Friday, August 29, 2008

Music and the Convention

The Democratic Convention has come to an end. There were some powerful moments and some tearjerkers. Did you see Joe Biden's son's introduction? Through it all I was very aware of the music, whether it be in the background, on the stage at Invesco Field or closing out the night. There were some interesting choices. I would love to know who was calling the music shots or did those speaking, chose their own anthems? Here are some comments in no particular order.

I couldn't help but smile when Al Gore walked on and off the stage to Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In. I still have my 45 of that song by The Fifth Dimension. I'm guessing it wasn't chosen for the Hair/hippy aspect of the song, but taken literally as we're saving the planet, the sun is shinning, let's all recycle.

Hillary Clinton's choice of music in the video that played before her speech, could have been on any rock fan's mixed party tape: You Really Got Me, Are You Gonna Go My Way and my favorite of all the songs played, Tom Petty's American Girl. Bill Clinton exited to U2's Beautiful Day.

Caroline Kennedy entered to Sweet Caroline, which Neil Diamond revealed for Caroline's 50th birthday that he was inspired to write the song by a photo of the president's daughter. Michael McDonald sang American the Beautiful.

Sheryl Crow was on hand (as she is for almost any event) and was followed by Stevie Wonder, whose music bookended the convention. Isn't She Lovely was played after Michelle Obama's speech and last night he performed (with Take 6) Fears Can't Put Your Dreams to Sleep, which I believe PBS said was played at Barak's wedding followed by a rousing Signed Sealed Delivered which he dedicated to Barak and Michelle. I don't think there was one person in that stadium that did not know that song. John Legend also bookended, but both his performances were live, the latter with Will I Am.

The strangest choice of music surrounded the man of the hour. After Barak's speech the sounds of Brooks and Dunn's Only In America surrounded the stadium. I wouldn't peg him as a B&D fan. This was followed by what sounded to me like music from the Ponderosa, which I later read was the soundtrack music from the film Remember the Titians, written by Trevor Rabin.

If I chose candidates based on the music, Hillary would get my vote at this convention.

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