Monday, August 18, 2008

Sampling: Easy Way Out or Genius

Today I was hit twice with the sample as a song issue. On Howard Stern they discussed Kid Rock's All Summer Long-not to be confused with the Beach Boys' song of the same name (although I'd like to hear Kid Rock's version of that song). Sampling might be too loose a word, he uses the backing track for Werewolves of London throughout the song, except when he samples the guitar riff from Sweet Home Alabama. It's a fun song about his younger days in Detroit and it's a big hit. When a musician takes a song(s) that already exists and creates different lyrics and adds his/her vocal to it, is it genius or just taking the easy way out? Both songs have very recognizable instrumental parts, which Kid Rock is capitalizing on. It's always easier to get people to listen to something that is familiar, then to get them involved in something experimental that doesn't strike a chord until years later.

Today's Record of the Day is Girls by the Sugababes. It's a fun upbeat song that is basically a slightly reworked version of Ernie K. Doe's Here Comes the Girls. Not much difference in the Sugababes version to me. They'll probably have a hit with this.
Both are fun songs that don't ask too much of the listener, making them perfect for the dog days of summer.

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