Friday, September 12, 2008

The ABBA Museum

I had no idea an ABBA museum was planned. It's been delayed. Mama Mia!

ABBA (AP) Opening Of ABBA Museum Delayed 09/11/2008 STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) -- The opening of a museum dedicated to Swedish pop group ABBA has been delayed. The initial target for the opening was June 2009, but project co-founder Ulf Westman said Thursday the renovation of the building will take longer than expected because it is "more complicated than what was predicted earlier." Westman did not say when the museum might open.

I tried to think of other musicians that have their own museum and only country stars came to mind. I will never forget my first trip to Nashville, besides meeting then Senator Al Gore, I walked into the Barbara Mandrell museum and there on it's own perch was the car that she was driving in 1984 when she was involved in a head on collision. Later this was renacted in the TV movie, Get To The Heart, starring Maureen McCormick as Barbara. Needless to say the car was a wreck. I found it to be a very strange introduction to a musician that I had limited knowledge of. Needless to say, I always think of that car when I hear her name.

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