Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dave Stewart Reveals All

Dave Stewart, most prominently known as one half of Eurythmics, has a book out: The Dave Stewart Songbook: The Stories Behind The Songs - Volume One. He reveals the stories behind the songs he's written or co-written. His interview on Howard Stern this morning was very revealing, which makes me think his book is probably a fun read. He talked about his one night stand with Stevie Nicks. Early in his career he was playing LA and Stevie was at the gig. He approached her and said I want to be your boyfriend. Fast forward to later that night, he's in her house, people are in another room doing drugs, he has no idea where he is, finds a bedroom and falls asleep. Hours later Stevie enters his room and sex insues (with leather and chains, not lace). Unbeknownst to Stewart, Stevie has just broken up with Joe Walsh the day before. Who knew they were an item? Joe shows up at her house the next morning. Stewart is still there and Stevie tells Joe "Don't Come Around Here No More", hence the classic Tom Petty song was born.

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