Friday, September 05, 2008

No Barracuda

During the Democrats convention I paid a lot more attention to the music as it seemed more prevalent or maybe I was just more curious as to what they were going to use. Chris Willman wrote a piece in EW exploring the use of the songs and how none of them were actually approved by the artist, which seems like a violation of copyright.

Step in Nancy Wilson of Heart, who's song Barracuda was played last night for a second time at the appearance of Sarah Palin. This after a plea from Nancy to stop the association. This was posted on the band's website:

Rock Group Heart Condemn The Use of The Song Barracuda at The Republican Convention
Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart have informed the McCain/Palin Campaign that Universal Music Publishing and Sony BMG have sent a cease-and-desist notice to not use one of Heart's classic songs "Barracuda," as the congratulatory theme for Sarah Palin.
The Republican campaign did not ask for permission to use the song, nor would they have been granted that permission.
"We have asked the Republican campaign not to use our music.

We hope our wishes will be honored."

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