Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rights Restricted Music Is Back

Have the labels and studios learned anything over the past few years? An article in today's Hypebot says there is a consortium of the labels and studios who want to, once again, control how you can use what you buy.

It's been said, wants gone is gone. But apparently some in the entertainment industry failed to get the memo. A group of major film studios and record labels have joined together once again in an initiative called the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem to find a way to control what happens after you purchase a digital album or movie.
"The goal is to create for downloads the same kind of interoperability that's been true for physical products, such as CDs and DVDs...Once you've acquired a file, you could play it on any of your devices -- if it couldn't be passed directly from one DECE-ready device to another, you'd be allowed to download additional copies. And when you're away from home, you could stream the file to any device with a DECE-compatible Web browser." - LA Times
Its called domain based digital rights management. Apple already uses a version of it. Total freedom until you want to share what you bought with a friend...or use it on a non-compatible device.This DRM has a new name and may even be a bit less intrusive. But it's still DRM, and as such faces certain consumer rejection. When will we learn?

This is the reason I don't buy from iTunes-I don't want to be told what to do with the music I buy. Once again, those who are willing to pay for content, will be the ones to get screwed. History repeats itself, yet no one seems to learn from the lessons of the past and they continue to make those mistakes again and again. Dante's Inferno comes to mind.

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