Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is Lenka the New Feist

Maybe it's something about using one name. I only listened to one song from Lenka, so it's not a scientific conclusion, but she sounds an awful lot like Feist, especially 1234. You can listen for yourself as she is the hooka of the day.

I decided to listen a little more before posting this and Bring Me Down starts off sounding like the Beach Boys Breakaway and takes a sharp right turn into girlie pop territory. Ukulele infused Don't Let Me Fall brings me right back into Feist territory. Note: strings were arranged by David Campbell who is Beck's father.

Lenka was a teen actor trained by Cate Blanchett in Australia. She now calls LA home and recorded the record in Woodstock. Mike Elizondo who has worked ith Fiona Apple and Eminem produced the record. I like the production, lots of horns and piano. Could be pulled right from a Petula Clark session.

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