Tuesday, June 02, 2009

DRM Contributing Factor to Illegal Downloadin

According to a posting in TechDirt a Cambridge law professor found that restrictions put on audio files by record labels, promotes illegal downloading. ... the study found that users get frustrated by the restrictions put on legally purchased content by DRM and copy-protection technologies. Instead of rolling over and accepting this, they often change their behavior -- choosing to download unrestricted, illegal content in the future.

It states that users become frustrated with the limitations and illegally download the file, which has no restrictions. I would agree. Most purchased audio files are now DRM free. I curtailed my iTunes purchases because of the restrictions. If I upgraded my OS, or changes an external hard drive or made any changes to the iTunes library, there was problems with the tracks I did download. Once again, it seems like the artist suffers for the mistakes of their label. Audio cassettes did not kill recorded music, as it was thought. Illegally downloading has not killed recorded music. I've mentioned ad nauseum the reasons the major labels are bleeding money, so I'll spare you the list here. The album is now the promotional tool for the tour. Bands, sink your money into touring and getting yourself on the road. Make fans one by one, which will then grow to two by two and before you know it, you're playing in front of 100+ people. Record your live shows, release singles, enjoy playing.

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