Friday, June 05, 2009

The New Rock Stars are from the Tech World

Diggnation took it's show to Webster Hall in NY. According to a blog on the WSJ, the hosts, Chris Rose and Alex Albrecht presented a show that "was more raucous than its usual format, with frequent audience participation".

According to the WSJ, the majority of “Diggnation” consists of the hosts chatting about top stories on Digg, the social-bookmarking site Mr. Rose founded (his day job is as its chief architect), and as its most popular links have broadened from technology to other topics, so too has the scope of the show.

When typical music venues are now the sites of sold out "tech" shows, you have to think they are encroaching on the live entertainment audience, which used to consist of music and theater. Rose and Albrecht claim their audience at the core is geeks, but a lot more mainstream than it used to be. Could it be that the bulk of today's live music shows do not offer enough entertainment and an event like Diggnation does?

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