Friday, August 27, 2010

And the Emmy Goes To....

Another Emmy show is upon us on Sunday.  There continues to be quality television on cable and the networks seem to have slipped in a few last season.  Sons of Anarchy is conspicuously missing.  The show is well acted and the plots are engrossing.  It's The Shield meets the Sopranos.  Dexter could not have been better and newcomer Modern Family is hilarious.  I think both those shows deserve to win in their respective categories:  best drama and best comedy.

Unfortunately the New Adventures of Old Christine has been canceled, but Julie Louis-Dreyfus deserves the nod for best actress in a comedy. She plays Christine as both deplorable and endearing. She is also one of the few actresses over 30 who hasn't altered her face, making her portrayal that much more believable.  Steve Carell is too good in the office. He's believable also, which is scary. I never thought anyone could fill Ricky Gervais shoes from the original, but Steve has done it.  He hasn't aped Ricky, just twisted the role. He makes me uncomfortable and I laugh.  Matthew Morrison is also up for his role in Glee. I saw him in South Pacific and he was wonderful.  Someone I have a hard time thinking of Glee as a comedy, even a black one.

Tough competition for  best actor and actress in a drama.  Kyle Chandler as the understated and tormented coach on Friday Night Lights is superb.  I would have given him the statue, but Michael C Hall was outstanding as Dexter.  His duel all season with John Lithgow had me riveted.  It was one of the best seasons of a series I have ever seen.  It just kept getting better and so does Hall.    I love Kyra Sedgwick's Deputy Chief Johnson on the Closer. She's given life to the TV cop.  Connie Britton as the embattled school principal on Friday Night Lights  plays it so comfortably.  Her y'alls make me forget she's an actress playing a role.  She deserves the shout out.

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