Thursday, August 12, 2010

Elektra Records Turns 60

To celebrate 60 years of music, Elektra Records has put together a special website presentation, timeline.  It looks back at the folk roots on into day.  It's audio, video and lots of text.  Founder Jac Holzman had a hand in putting it together. It's worth a look. I have a feeling once you start poking around, you'll spend more time there than you thought you would.

Things I discovered (there is way more than this and I don't even touch on Folk):

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band's first record was recorded three times before Paul Rothchild, the producer thought it captured the band at it's best.

In 1966 Judy Collins was the first person to record a Leonard Cohen song.

In 1967 with the release of the Doors, Elektra is changed forever. It's the big time. 

It reminded me what a great song Alone Again Or by Love is.

The Stooges first record was recorded in a studio apartment in New York City.  It was released during the weekend of Woodstock.

Joel Brodsky photographed a lot of the musicians on the label.

Stewardesses were a core constituency of their fan base.  Referring to the band Bread.

Jim Morrison's idol was Frank Sinatra.

In 1972, Jac Holzman wrote an internal memo to his staff: “I have seen the future of pop music, and it is a band called Queen.”

At one point in the late 70's their releases were as diverse as the Dictators, Television vs the Eagles, and Jackson Browne.

In continued into the 80's with Motley Crue, X, The Cars and Peabo Bryson.

Fast Forward to 2010 the label releases Charlotte Gainsbourg, after a few year sabbatical.

A diverse and storied history. Our ears owe a lot to Jac.

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