Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Plaids, Glasses, Beards and a Nod to Madonna

Just look at any music website such as Pitchfork and you'll notice if you haven't already there is a style trend in rock.  The look doesn't differ much and it probably doesn't cost much. Gone are the days of hiring a stylist to get just the right look.  Here's the formula:  One or two guys are usually in plaid, one  definitely has glasses. There is a token skinny guy.  75% of the time, someone will have a beard.   The woman either looks ill or is in some select piece of garb that Madonna would have worn circa 1980's. 
Freelance Whales are the whole package. 

The Futureheads have everything but the girl:  plaid, facial hair, glasses. 
Megafaun:  A bearded hat trick and a dog. 
The Hold Steady do not have plaid in this photo, but lead singer does wear it on stage. It should also be noted that Craig Finn went 3 for 3 on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

Esben and The Witch.  Prints and plaids are interchangeable. 

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