Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Morning Music: Semi Live

Friday means live music on all the morning shows.  Today it appeared that during a dance number on Good Morning America, Demi Levato lip synced in Central Park. She danced her heart out, but unless there was some weird tape delay and audio problems, the vocal was off from what was coming out of her mouth.  Same goes for Ke$ha on the Today Show.  There were not many close ups of her singing.  You didn't hear one breath from either performer, whether she was dancing with an Indian headdress on or doing Pete Townsend like windmills.  Later on GMA Demi did sing live with the Jonas Brothers.  The Brothers were live for all their performances.  On CBS Train performed and they were live. 

The girls in the audience were have a great time at both Ke$ha and the Jonas Brothers. The crowd was a bit older at Train and there were a lot more males in attendance.   The take away from this:  these women can't sing and dance at the same time and the men don't even try it. 

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